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The RF-A1 is exhibits level 2 self awareness and can.......

The most advanced exploration rover ever created...​ 

polyopticsLABs breakthrough research in neural systems and bio-engineering culminates in the creation of revolutionary self aware robotics technology: The Vulpes-era1.

More than a name:

"V.Vulpes" - The Red Fox. Sly, clever, cunning, master of its environment, and specifically suited for rapid adaptation. The neural imprint of adult Red Foxes are fused with advanced AI subsystems and embedded into state of the art robotics.

This process know as biologically enhanced artificial intelligence, lets nature handle many aspects of the final software, and results in a truly alive rover who's natural instincts and evolved species traits make the perfect compliment to our tightly controlled on board operating system. exploration rover.

The Vulpes-era1 exploration rover is able to adapt to any environment, create solutions on the fly, and learn from its mistakes.

Sporting cutting edge L2 consciousness, the Vulpes-era1 rover can take the initiative to obtain mission critical information when every second is vital and waiting for commands is not an option. Never before has this level of performance been a possibility. The Vulpes-er1 is truly, mans new best friend. 

tag objectives at various levels from basic to mission critical, allowing you to activate Vulpes in self awarness instincts?

using patented  L2 comes  adaptive be released Mans best friend.

fennec fox radar upgrade - what other back upgrades?

climate upgrade?

The Arctic Fox has many physical characteristics that allow it to live and survive in its environment. A dense, fluffy fur coat protects it from the cold, and small rounded ears control sound location and heat loss. A good supply of body fat and a system of countercurrent heat exchange maintain a core temperature

Corsac Fox desert Sand Fox something?



Vulpes - Exploration Rover Alpha1.

polyopticsLABs presents the worlds first self aware exploration rover. The Vulpes-era1 is designed to excel in dynamic scenarios and rapidly adapt to unknown environments.  Instinctual behavior blended with artificial intelligence, controlled by our on board systems, gives the Vulpes-era1 an unparalleled advantage when compared to traditional rovers.  This results in a staggering increase  of success in field operations and mission objective completion.

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