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Fennec Fox radar upgrade:
MTI, Pulse Doppler (high PRR), High-Range Resolution, Pulse-Compression, Imaging, Tracking (While-Scan), Continuous-Wave (w/Frequency Modulation), and High Frequency Over-the-Horizon Radar are all included with this upgrade.​​

L2 Consciousness:

The V.e.r.a.1 is the perfect solo explorer or mission companion. Tap into sub conscious behavior and reflex actions, where split second choices mean success instead of failure. Delegate mission aspects directly to the rover for a 'file and forget' experience.


Operating system: V.VulpesOS-0.23a:

​Supports objective tagging from the mundane to mission critical. Set priorities and activate innate survival instincts at the touch of a button or by preset rules defined in your operation outline. Improve firmware with regular system updates patched directly to the armored memory core.

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