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Vulpes: Exploration Rover Alpha 1

polyopticsLABs presents the worlds first self aware exploration rover.


​The V.e.r.a.1 is designed to excel in dynamic scenarios by rapidly adapting to unknown environments.  Instinctual behavior blended with artificial intelligence, controlled by our on board systems, translates into a truly interactive operating experience.

​​ ​​

During unmanned missions, when compared to traditional rovers, the V.e.r.a.1 boasts a staggering increase in success of field operations.  Mission objectives can be completed orders of magnitude faster.


As a member of a team, the V.e.r.a.1 applies its considerable skill set to the tasks at hand as well as immediately creating an atmosphere of camaraderi among the crew.  Single man missions can be extended indefinitely when astronauts are paired with a V.e.r.a.1.

The V.e.r.a.1 is mans new best friend.


Fennec Fox radar upgrade:
MTI, Pulse Doppler (high PRR), High-Range Resolution, Pulse-Compression, Imaging, Tracking (While-Scan), Continuous-Wave (w/Frequency Modulation), and High Frequency Over-the-Horizon Radar are all included with this upgrade.​​

L2 Consciousness:

The V.e.r.a.1 is the perfect solo explorer or mission companion. Tap into sub conscious behavior and reflex actions, where split second choices mean success instead of failure. Delegate mission aspects directly to the rover for a 'file and forget' experience.


Operating system: V.VulpesOS-0.23a:

​Supports objective tagging from the mundane to mission critical. Set priorities and activate innate survival instincts at the touch of a button or by preset rules defined in your operation outline. Improve firmware with regular system updates patched directly to the armored memory core.


More than a name: "V.Vulpes" - The Red Fox.

Vulpes.Vulpes in Latin, more commonly know as The Red Fox - Sly, clever, cunning, master of its environment. Specifically suited for rapid adaptation and survival in harsh climates.

​The neural imprint of specifically selected adult Red Foxes are fused with advanced AI subsystems and embedded into state of the art robotics: The V.e.r.a.1.

This process, know as "biologically enhanced artificial intelligence" lets nature handle many aspects of the final software resulting in a truly alive rover who's natural instincts and evolved species traits make the perfect compliment to our tightly controlled on board operating system.

The V.e.r.a.1 exploration rover is able to naturally adapt to any environment, create solutions on the fly, and learn from its mistakes.


Vulpes - Exploration Rover Alpha1.


When initialized and adequately powered, the V.e.r.a.1 will process information in the environment and intelligently respond to stimuli.  In that state it will directly experience perceptions, sensations, and thoughts.

The V.e.r.a.1 will be totally immersed in every aspect of its current experience. Note that although this definition emphasizes an awareness of external stimuli, and not the self, an increased level of consciousness of self is required for the V.e.r.a.1 to move in, and interact with, the environment.

This has been termed by polyopticsLABs as level 2 (L2) consciousness. It involves a diffuse, implicit body awareness allowing articulate spatial self-navigation, as well as limited dimensional awareness that grants basic memories and yields the ability to 'plan ahead' due to recognition of the concept of past and future.


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