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We are polyopticsLABs, a unique collection of scientists, engineers, technicians, designers, and artists.  We are creators and innovators​, and together we produce the most advanced biologically inspired robotics and systems in the world.

By harnessing the capabilities of neuroscience and fusing them with cutting edge electronics and the social sciences, polyopticsLABs is bringing a new level of efficiency and situational awareness to off world exploration rovers, with deductive reasoning, true to life emotions, and tools to execute their missions.

Nature has evolved truly remarkable capabilities that, when properly understood, create significant new exploration advantages.

polyopticsLABs focuses on emulating and implementing the unique locomotion and chemical, visual, and aural sensing capabilities of animals.

Welcome to the LAB.


polyopticsLABs presents the worlds first self aware exploration rover.


​The V.e.r.a.1 is designed to excel in dynamic scenarios by rapidly adapting to unknown environments.  Instinctual behavior blended with artificial intelligence, controlled by our on board systems, translates into a truly interactive operating experience.

​​ ​​

During unmanned missions, when compared to traditional rovers, the V.e.r.a.1 boasts a staggering increase in success of field operations.  Mission objectives can be completed orders of magnitude faster.


As a member of a team, the V.e.r.a.1 applies its considerable skill set to the tasks at hand as well as immediately creating an atmosphere of camaraderi among the crew.  Single man missions can be extended indefinitely when astronauts are paired with a V.e.r.a.1.

The V.e.r.a.1 is mans new best friend.









- More than 30 assembled parts.
- Working lights in the eyes and radar body.
- On/Off switch and replaceable battery.
- Authentic hand painted weathered color scheme.
- Removable head access panel to display inner workings.

All V.e.r.a.1 models are made by hand from scratch, part by part, painstakingly hand painted, one unit at a time.

This results in a truly unique model and a one of a kind collectors item.


Placement counts:

Located deep beneath Central Park, in Manhattan New York,  polyopticsLABs' underground compound and research facilities draw power from a turbine cycling system at the base of the Jacqueline Kennedy Reservoir.

This unique position ensures that polyopticsLABs research and production facilities can persist no matter what the Earth's surface may encounter.


The Gate of All Saints

97th Street Transverse road

New York, NY 10024


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